Analysis of the top 20 contractors by turnover in the CN100 rankings shows just 13 of their 107 executive board members – 12 per cent – are female. 
Of the 13 female executive board members, one is a chief executive officer (Debbie White, Interserve), one is a chair (Fabienne Viala, Bouygues) and two are chief financial officers (Skanska’s Kelly Gangotra and VolkerWessell’s Naomi Connell).
The gender balance of non-executive roles – those that do not carry the voting rights – was marginally better, with a third (32 per cent) of those positions held by women. 
Overall, 82 per cent of all top-20 boardroom roles are occupied by men, equating to 27 female directors out of 154.
Three of the 20 contractors – ISG, Multiplex and Vinci – have no female board members.
Costain, Engie Regeneration and Mears all have three female board members – the highest in the top 20. 
The women on the Engie Regeneration board were all executive members, while none of those on the boards of Costain and Mears were executives.
The research comes as part of CN’s Inspire Me campaign, which was launched in March this year to help support women into senior industry positions.

As part of the campaign, CN is conducting research into why there is a lack of women in senior industry roles and providing workshops to equip women with the tools to advance their careers.
For more information about the campaign and how to get involved, visit our dedicated Inspire Me site.

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Men hold 88% of top 20’s executive board posts | News – (Lucy Alderson) – 2018-08-02 05:50:00

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