After beginning in 2017, the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame has completed a $25+ million renovation project. Nearly every exhibit in the Hall has taken on a new look and added interactive elements. The iconic dome was also refurbished.

The Hall’s new technological advanced visitor experience includes:

— High Above Center Court – A brand new exhibit set beneath the iconic dome that features a series of photo opportunities with player cut-outs and a tour through artifacts highlighting key moments in history.

— Hall of Honor – An all-new signature exhibit filled with interactive kiosks providing over 24 hours of video content.

— 1891 Gallery Presented by MassMutual Foundation – Provides guests with a chance to experience the time period surrounding the game’s invention by Dr. James Naismith.

— Players Gallery – A deep dive into player’s signature moves, such as Kareem’s Sky Hook or the euro-step.

— James F. Goldstein SuperFan Gallery – Allows guests to explore the game through superfine such as James Goldstein and Nav Bhatia.

— Jerry Colangelo Court of Dreams – A court that features an LED screen that runs highlights of legendary players and moments in basketball history.



“The new Hall celebrates the amazing game of basketball, uniquely tying thematic narratives from the game’s very beginnings in Springfield in 1891 all the way to the present-day action,” said Timothy Mansfield, AIA, Principal at CambridgeSeven, in a release.”

The Hall was closed for a period during COVID-19 but has since completed its renovation and is open to guests.





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