Camden Council is recruiting residents to help it assess contractors bidding for work on recladding and fire safety at its Chalcots Estate.
In June 2017, following the Grenfell Tower fire, the estate was briefly evacuated amid safety concerns over its aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding, with removal of the material beginning September of the same year. Wates had been working on the estate on a ‘letter of intent’ basis since January 2019, but failed to agree contractual terms with the council.
The local authority has now separated one of the blocks, Blashford Tower, from the planned works at four other towers and is tendering it as a separate job. Works on the tower include recladding, renewal of flat roof, and replacing brickwork at its underground level. The contract – the notice for which can be viewed here – is worth £22m.
The council has announced it is setting up a procurement panel featuring five council officials and one resident from each of the towers to help the process, with a particular focus on examining how the interested contractors plan to minimise disruption to residents.
It is currently trying to recruit leaseholders or tenants to the posts, and said those chosen must have “knowledge of contractor standards, building quality control requirements and procurement”.
A tender for works on the other towers is set to be issued in May.
The estate was built in the 1960s and renovated from 2007-2009. In 2019, the council announced it was pursuing refurbishment contractor Partners for Improvement in Camden – currently in liquidation – as well as subcontractors Rydon Construction, Rydon Maintenance, Faithful + Gould and United Living South, for the costs of remediation and fire security on the estate.

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Residents to help choose Chalcots recladding contractor – Ian Weinfass – 2021-02-04 14:12:55

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