At Autodesk University 2017, The ConTechCrew spoke with Wendy Rogers, CEO of eSUB, about the headaches subcontractors face when trying to manage construction drawings and documents across multiple platforms.
eSUB is a mobile application and cloud-based construction project management solution that helps commercial subcontractors manage day-to-day operations when working with multiple GCs. By eliminating the manual process of tracking projects and automating labor tracking and communication, eSUB makes the job that much easier.
Watch the interview below.

Standout Quotes:
“At the end of the day, software is supposed to make lives easier, not harder. But because of double entry, because of siloed solutions, it is becoming more challenging.”- WENDY ROGERS, CEO, ESUB 

“eSUB is software for the subcontractor, by the subcontractor, with the goal of integrating, integrating, integrating.”

“With the BIM 360 integration you can pull 2D plans or 3D plans into eSUB and attach them to any documents, store them, and have full functionality.”

Want To See How Easy It Is To Use eSUB in BIM 360?
Watch the video below:

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